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Build quizzes for your online store that increase conversion rates and help customers purchase exactly what they want

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Learn how quizzes can increase your conversion rate

Getting that important initial sale from a first time visitor is the first step to creating a life long customer

Research has shown that returning customers are worth three times more than first time customers, but if you don't get them to buy from you right from the start you will lose out on valuable future repeat revenue.

Many times first time visitors leave because they are not sure what tobuy. Paralysed by the range of choice and un-enaged with informationavailable to them. While presented with the pure facts of what'savailable it can still be very difficult to pick out what would be thebest option.

Quizzes are a simple and effective way to engage with first time visitorsthat help point them in the right direction and to lead them directly to what they are looking for.

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Is right for you? is perfect for any small to medium sized ecommerce stores that want to increase their conversion rate.

Quizzes provide an easy way for new visitors to find the products that suit them best.From what beauty products suit certain skin types best, to what cameras are perfect for different situations.

See our demos to see exactly how it works.

Suggest Products and Sell More

Benefits of

Features sales
Increase sales from unsure buyers
Make customers confident in their product choice and reduce sales lost from un-certainty.
Features featured
Drive sales of featured products and brands
Promote speicifc items to customers based on what is popular and what you want to sell.
Features customers
Learn about your customers and their buying habits
Our in-depth analytics you can find out everything you wanted to know about your customers.
Features glove
Help your customers discover new products
Help customers discover products suitable for them, or assist them in finding the perfect gift.
Features time
Save time spent handling customer enquiries
Give your customers the tools that help them find what they want so they never need to call or email.

Supported Platforms

Supported shopify
Supported woocommerce
Supported prestashop
Supported magento
Supported wordpress
Supported spree

And many more including custom stores...