How Works

Step 1

1. Build your quiz

  • Add the questions and answers for your quiz
  • Assign what products to recommend based on each answer

Base your questions on the different options available to your customers and their possible needs.

You have complete control over what products are recommended. You can taylor your recommendations towards products with higher margins or that you want to clear.

Step 2

2. Embed or link to your quiz

  • Easily link to, share or embed your quiz

Show first time visitors an overlay with a link to your quiz.

Add a prominent link to your quiz in your main site navigation.

Share your quiz with customers in your newsletter.

Step 3

3. Start recommending products

  • Customers will be recommended the products you carefully chose

Customers quickly abandon shopping if faced with too many options or if uncertain of what to buy. Recommendations make customers feel more confident in their choices and less likely to leave empty handed.

Offer discounts and promotions to customers that buy your recommendation.

Step 4

4. Track your conversions and revenue

  • Track your response and conversion rate along with your total revenue earned
  • See which recommended products convert best and make the most sales

All the analytics you need about your quiz are available from the quiz's dashboard.